TidalSound Studios has been a key player in my film post-production needs. The studio has offered us the opportunity to do ADR, Foley, and Sound Design all under one creative roof. Seth Kerns is a great collaborator who brings a macro and micro attention to detail, which creates a wonderful experience and product.

~Dean Merrill, Cinematographer


Not only does Seth know how to give a song the sound it needs but TidalSound has pretty much the sweetest gear you’ll find this side of Nashville.

~Eric Bettencourt, Song Writer


Seth Kearns has built a beautiful space with TidalSound. The studio sounds great and is warm, inviting and inspiring to its artists. Seth knows his room and his gear intimately. As a producer and engineer, Seth is a creative force who is always willing to chase down any promising potential. He has an articulate ear, a unique and unequivocal musical sensibility, seemingly bottomless stores of energy, and is a consummate professional. I highly recommend TidalSound for intimate and creative music and sound production.

~Adam Frederick, Bassist, Producer


I recorded and mixed my record at TidalSound and had a very positive experience. The level of professionalism, experience, and connectedness to the local scene made it the right choice for me, not to mention the awesome atmosphere and attention to detail. Seth Kearns’ talents as an engineer, producer and multi-instrumentalist will make your recording shine.

~DD Sweet, lead singer and composer for Monarck Lisa


TidalSound and Seth Kearns offer a superb service. This Portland, Maine recording studio has great gear, a warm and engaging environment and can provide engineering and mixing of the highest quality. Seth was one of the driving forces behind setting up our studio in China. His extensive knowledge of carpentry, acoustics and studio design were essential to our project, and we would never be operating without his help. Seth is a drummer of the highest order, with extremely keen ears and a well-developed musicianship that has been informed by music from many different cultures. Were it not for the thousands of miles that separate us, TidalSound Studios would be our second home and Seth would have to install extra bedrooms.

~Nick Muzyczka/Ryan Baird, multi instrumentalist, Producers, Studio Owners-72Studio, Shanghai China