Our mission is to capture magic.

A great recording is the result of energy, performance and timing. And it’s not reserved exclusively for the “pros.” At TidalSound Studios, we are poised to capture each moment in its purest form, and then in post-production we shape it to fulfill your vision.


TidalSound Studios is a boutique recording studio located in beautiful Portland, Maine. We offer a host of recording and audio applications, from commercial voice-overs to multi-track recordings for a single song or a full-length album. We can also help produce your project and even line up the right musicians to best bring your vision to life. We can also mix your already recorded material. Tidal has top-shelf gear for the most professional sound. And, let’s make it fun! We built TidalSound Studios from a musician’s perspective— it’s a space that’s comfortable, cool, and stimulating.

We’re a small outfit with a big sound. Come by and check us out.


Seth first started playing drums when he was ten years old, learning to play along with Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin records. From there he studied jazz formally, then went on to live and study music in West Africa. He has a Bachelors degree in Performance from USM and has played a variety of music genres around the world.

Seth’s approach to music is of the uncommon practice. There are no notes or rhythms that can’t be used. He keeps an open mind when making music and matches the musical scene appropriately, whether he’s working on a commercial or a creative art project.

Nice to be Nice.

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